Meet the Mastercam Summer Interns – Part 1 of 4

We are delighted to welcome a total of thirteen interns this summer to work in departments including software engineering, facilities, corporate training, post processing, applications engineering, marketing, creative services, sales, technical services, and human resources. In this post, we’ll introduce you to four of these students who will be joining us to shape the future of manufacturing and gain valuable professional experience.

Please take a few minutes to get to know this talented group of Mastercam summer interns!

Seth Pappalardo

Seth Pappalardo

Department: Corporate Training
School: Manchester Community College (MCC)
Major: Manufacturing Engineering Technology

I have participated as an intern at CNC Software during the summer and winter sessions in the past and am returning for this summer session. At a young age, in sixth grade, I was exposed to manufacturing, and ever since then, I have been fascinated by it and interested in how things were made—down to the very core of industry.

My dream profession was always to work with CAD and CAM and to create things, while using my skills in manufacturing engineering to help process the part. I envision my career as being off on a head start, especially since now I have worked here, employers would be happy to see it! I also already have some NIMS training from high school.

I do have experience using Mastercam. One feature that I truly appreciate is the execution of the Mill-Turn machine program. I think that the Mill-Turn machine in general is such a harmonious machine, but the functionality of the Cutoff, Pull, and Pickoff within Mastercam makes it quick to program. I also think the Tool Setup Manager is pretty nice for the Mill-Turn programming aspect.

My goals as an intern are to firstly get as much work as I can done for Keith and his team, as well as to learn from them, and learn more about Mastercam and teamwork to develop myself as a professional. Learning is everything!

Lindsey Cartier

Lindsey Cartier

Department: Sales
School: Providence College
Major: Marketing/Economics

I enjoyed psychology and business classes in high school, and a marketing degree was a good mix. I took AP Statistics and found I enjoyed the quantitative side. I competed in the National American Marketing Association Competition in my freshman year and enjoyed making a full marketing plan.

My dream profession is some combination of marketing and environmental science—consulting, marketing, project management. I want to use business skills to help transition to more “green” business.

I do not have experience using Mastercam. My goals during this internship are to learn a new database, conduct research, and complete multiple projects.

Ian D'Arcangelo

Ian D’Arcangelo

Department: Marketing
School: UConn
Major: Digital Media and Design

I decided to pursue my major because the combination of creativity and business caught my eye. It combines various design elements that I am very interested in as well as opened new doors in analytics and business strategies.

For my career, I would love to do something in design. If it’s film, graphics, social, or analytics, I’m sure I would be happy.

I do not have experience using Mastercam My goals during my internship are to expand my resume with experience, learn new skills, meet new people, and make some long-lasting connections.

Nicholas Bennett

Nicholas Bennett

Department: Creative Services
School: UConn
Major: Psychological Sciences & Human Development and Family Sciences

I came into college knowing I liked working with people, but not much else. Since I have an eclectic group of interests, I settled on psychology. I ended up picking up HDFS, because I liked the people-first, hands-on approach the program has. I hoped that these two majors would complement each other to give me a general background, so I could be ready for anything!

I’m not entirely sure about what the future holds in terms of career progression. I’d love to incorporate my interests and skills in creative works, writing, and collaborative problem solving in a position post-graduation. I’m interested in the fields of business, law, and public health/policy.

I do not have experience using Mastercam. My goal here for the summer is to develop skills in technical writing, learn about corporate structure here at CNC Software, and develop professional relationships with my coworkers and managers.

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