Meet Our Summer Interns – Part 1 of 3

It is our pleasure to welcome a total of fifteen interns this summer at CNC Software, Inc. In this post, we’ll introduce you to five of these students who will be working with us over the weeks ahead. Please take a few minutes to get to know these talented summer interns!

Colin Curtin, Human Resources Intern

Colin is majoring in human resource management at Bryant University in Rhode Island. He plans to start work as a human resources assistant and eventually work his way up to the role of human resources director, with thoughts of forming his own consultancy one day.

Colin is looking forward to learning more about Mastercam. He enjoys “the opportunity to help a business succeed while working with employees to help them make the most of their time at a company.”
Hao (Jerry) Xu, Quality Control Intern

Hao, who also goes by Jerry, is majoring in mechanical engineering with a minor in computer science at the University of Connecticut. He’s always been interested in design and in the ways that things work. Hao is considering a career in either the programming or mechanical engineering field.

“My goal is to learn more about Mastercam software and its capabilities. It is fun to replicate objects using Mastercam, for example: my phone.”

Callen Thompson, Technical Documentation Intern

Callen is majoring in communications at the University of Connecticut. He was attracted to this field by the wide array of skills that apply to many different career paths, and he enjoys the research that is done in the field.

Callen envisions himself working in the tech industry as a technical writer. His dream job is to write for a car magazine. He’ll gain valuable experience this summer working with Mastercam’s technical documentation team.

“I enjoy using Mastercam Mill. It is intuitive and powerful. I would like to broaden my skills and learn how to use our video editing software, as well as learn Mastercam more.”

Seth Pappalardo, Corporate Training Intern

Seth is majoring in manufacturing engineering at Manchester Community College in Connecticut. After being introduced to manufacturing in sixth grade, he’s been fascinated ever since.

“Some things I truly appreciate in Mastercam are the levels function and the calculate function for parameters. You just punch in the offset and tool size, and you’re all set with depth.

My dream profession is to work with CAD and CAM to create things. I see my career having a head start since I have some NIMS training from high school and experience interning at CNC Software, Inc. My goals as an intern are to lean more about Mastercam and team work, and to do as much work as I can for the corporate training team.”

Lineisha Rosario, Post Processing

Lineisha graduated from Springfield Technical Community College in Massachusetts with a degree in mechanical engineering technology. She will now attend Northeastern University in Boston, pursuing a degree in advanced manufacturing. Her career progression is well underway, and she aspires to become a full post processing engineer.

“I always wanted to do what some females are afraid to do: break boundaries. I enjoy using Mastercam, and my goals for this summer internship are to keep improving my skills and continue learning more and more about the post processing department.”

Thank you to these five students for sharing some of their inspiration and motivation with us. We will introduce you to more of our interns and tell you a bit more about them in two additional blog posts coming soon. Stay tuned!

If you are interested in internship or other employment opportunities at CNC Software, Inc., creators of Mastercam, please check our job board for current openings.