Meet a Mastercam Reseller in Mexico: Q&A with ACAMTEC

A young business poised for great growth potential, ACAMTEC joins the network of Mastercam Resellers providing sales and support for Mastercam products in the Mexico manufacturing market. The company, located in Queretaro, Mexico, offers training and certification along with specialized support for complex kinematics and adaptations of post processors for various controllers.

With a proud history in Mexico, we are excited about this partnership and the potential for strengthening the service for this specific market.

“Our expert Reseller channel is the backbone of a global support network built around Mastercam,” said Mastercam CEO and President Meghan West. “ACAMTEC is a great addition to that team.”

ACAMTEC serves the automotive and aerospace industries primarily. According to Owner and Sales Manager Gabriela Sanchez, they provide a unique service to their customers as each client is given personalized and customized attention due to the team’s experience in manufacturing and engineering.

Q. What Mastercam services do you offer customers?

Gabriela: We offer training—even on-site training—depending on what works for them. We can even do screen-to-screen call-in support where we access the computer of the customer in order to identify and solve the problem they are experiencing. Since Mastercam is a software, most of their problems can be resolved online and it’s not really necessary to be on-site, but we can if they need it. If we do go to them, we have the chance to give a better experience, solve more questions, and really show what the CNC machine tools can do for them.

Q. What is your latest and most exciting application for your customers?

Gabriela: We have started working on a project for a potential customer that involves making a glass flask for chemical and pharmaceutical use. Up until now, these products have been handcrafted with the help of some very specialized machines, but the exciting thing for us is that they are starting to work with CNC machines to produce these flasks themselves. This could be an exciting and growing process for our company in a completely new industry.

Q. What is your favorite feature in Mastercam?

Gabriela: Dynamic Motion is my favorite feature, yet not everyone in Mexico (who are using Mastercam) knows about it. I really want the people here to know what they have at their disposal. One of the main purposes of Mastercam is to remove material as quickly as possible in order to decrease total cycle time, and this feature is the best option to do that. It makes Mastercam the best option for any tool shop.

Unfortunately, many companies haven’t been able to invest in the necessary training for their employees and this means they don’t know about all of these features. Since no one person is trained to be an expert, this knowledge isn’t shared with all of the programmers. In order to try to fix this problem, we are planning to share one of Mastercam’s effective training programs, the Quick Part Series, in the schools here. We also hope to offer some conferences, seminars, or other small training series for students and teachers in order to share this knowledge and provide more resources to them.

Q. What are you excited about in the future?

Gabriela: We are preparing a new training program for the next year, with frequent classes and specific dates where our customers can view all their options on a calendar and choose which they would like to attend. This will be where we can show all of the new features of Mastercam, as there are so many benefits and features in the new version. This will allow them to access training opportunities throughout the year.

We are really focused on the people of Mexico and turning them into the most valuable resource for their companies. Since we are a country of manufacturers, we hope to create a place where we can develop, create, and invent right here in Mexico – and not just be the manufacturers. In order to do this, we want the schools and students to have the best tools to develop professionals who can create these new technologies. We hope to provide confidence and knowledge.

You can connect with ACAMTEC directly by visiting their website. To find a Mastercam Reseller serving your local community, please complete our Find-a-Reseller form.

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