Mastercam’s Dynamic Motion Highlighted at Mazak Technology Center

Yesterday we held a joint technology seminar hosted by Mazak at their Northeast Technology Center. Dozens of machinists got to see Mastercam’s Dynamic Motion toolpaths in action on a variety of Mazak machines.

Before the seminar started, attendees checked out a part programmed with Mastercam and run on an Integrex i-100ST.
Stas Mylek of CNC Software’s Product Marketing Group kicks off the meeting with an overview of the time- and tool-saving benefits of Mastercam’s Dynamic Motion.
Mazak District Sales Manager Ralph Lazzara fills in the attendees about the fascinating history of Mazak machines.
CNC Software Mill Product Owner Dave Conigliaro steps the group through the ins and outs of Dynamic toolpaths…
…then it was on to the shop floor to see some chips fly!
Attendees get a first look at what you can do with Mastercam’s Dynamic Motion.
Mazak Applications Engineer Shawn Cooke explains the details of the test part.
Test part – machined in a little over 4 minutes using Mastercam’s Dynamic Motion toolpaths vs. almost 35 minutes with conventional toolpaths.
Thanks to everyone who came, and we look forward to see how you’ll use this technology!

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