Mastercam X9 Preview – A Tip About Tool Tips

Mastercam X9 Preview – A Tip About Tool Tips

Today we’ll look at where “the rubber meets the road” in manufacturing – the contact point between your cutter and the material.
Mastercam X9 introduces new containment boundary options for better control over your tool tip and actual tool contact point. All surface high speed toolpaths now include a new containment page. Surface high speed finishing toolpaths also support new ways to treat your containment boundaries for more control over your motion.

You can choose “tool tip” to run the center of your tool as the compensation point for all containment boundaries just as you do now in Mastercam. But now you also have the option to choose “contact point”, shifting the compensation to the tool contact point to run on your containment boundaries. This new option ensures more material removal while simplifying your programming efforts.

Tool Tip Containment Tool Contact Point Containment

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