Mastercam X9 Preview 2 – Mastercam Mill-Turn

The Mastercam X9 Public Beta is going strong! If you’re a current Mastercam user and you haven’t checked out the Beta, we encourage you to take a look. If you’re curious about what’s in our latest release, we’re continuing our weekly early look at some highlights.

This week we’ll take a look at a growing trend in shops: multitasking machines and what’s new in Mastercam Mill-Turn.

Enhanced Collision Detection for Mill-Turn MachinesMastercam Mill-Turn X9 expands the elements that can be collision checked and opens them up for easier user selection and definition.
Chuck Jaw Movement Distance Control – Chuck components can now have maximum travel and default clearance, delivering more precise simulation.
Multiple Pull Part Tracking – Set a pickoff behind the source chuck for multiple pulls to advance the workpeice before pickoff/ cutoff operations. We’ve also included the ability to use the main spindle for part pulls.
Easily Output Your Sync Data – All your sync data is now available in tool table processing for easy external access.
New machine support – We are continually adding new machines and machine combinations to our roster.

That’s just a quick look at a few of the Mill-Turn enhancements in X9. To experience the full suite for yourself, join in our Public Beta!

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