Mastercam X7 Lathe Highlights

Mastercam Lathe users get a big boost in productivity with Mastercam X7. We’ve brought our powerful dynamic motion to turning. Along with plunge turn enhancements; Mastercam X7 is focused on making your job easier than ever before.

New Dynamic Rough Toolpath
The Lathe Dynamic Rough toolpath is designed for hard materials cut with button inserts ?(i.e., radius or ball). The dynamic motion allows the toolpath to cut gradually, remain engaged in the material more effectively, and use more of the surface of your insert, extending the tool life and increasing the cutting speed.

Rough Zigzag Motion
The new options for Lathe Rough toolpaths provide you with more control of your zigzag tool motion. You can choose to move back and forth, straight across, or ramp downward with each tool pass.

Face Grooving
The new grooving parameters allow you to position your tool accurately for face grooving. Enter a maximum and minimum start diameter for positioning the first groove cut.

Plunge Turn Toolpath
In previous versions of Mastercam, the Plunge Turn toolpath only supported flat bottomed tools. In Mastercam X7 Lathe, full radius tool support is available.

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