Mastercam X6 Wire Enhancements

In the past few weeks we’ve revisited some of the new features in the Mastercam X6 suite. Today we’ll look at some of the improvements to Mastercam X6 Wire.

New AutoSync Rails:
This function has been improved in Mastercam X6 Wire to create better synchronized wirepath chains from selected solids and surfaces. Choose Create, Autosync Rails to access this new functionality.

Wirepath Editor Improvements:
The Mastercam Wirepath Editor now supports 4-axis Direct wirepaths.

Control Definition Option to Force Wire Taper to Vertical:
Mastercam X4 introduced a Reset Taper option on the Leads page that allowed you to force the wire back to a vertical position when the Max lead out distance is used. In Mastercam X6, a new option in the Control Definition allows for this Reset Taper mode to be always active. Some machines require the wire to move to a vertical position on a change-over from G41 to G42 compensation.

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