Mastercam X6 Re-released for Download

As many of you know, CNC Software released Mastercam X6 for download on November 28th. Eighteen hours later, we took it down because we found several issues that needed fixing. For the most part, the issues required specific sets of steps to cause problems. Although we could have kept the download available and issued a patch in the future, it was clear that for the users who did go through those steps the issues could be serious.

So, we hit the “pause” button. We used the time to correct the problems and provide a couple of additional improvements we were looking to put in a future release.

What were the items that caused us to pause the distribution of Mastercam X6? The primary items were:

  • Default file issue. There were problems saving parameters from inside a 3D HST toolpath parameter page. The saved defaults could be corrupted. Although impacting only a single toolpath, that toolpath is widely used by many customers.
  • Legacy files and importing operations. Opening an X4 or X5 file caused the “Misc Integer Value” settings in those files to be dropped. There was also an operation import bug that, although requiring a very specific set of steps to reproduce, may have been problematic.
  • OptiRough Vertical Arc Entry issue. A mathematical error occurred when a user entered a zero value for an arc when performing a vertical arc entry in the OptiRough Toolpath. Again, although this situation isn’t common, the resulting entry path caused the tool to hit the part. This could be a serious issue for heavy OptiRough users.

As a result Mastercam X6 is now available for immediate download on the Mastercam website. To run Mastercam X6, you must have an active Mastercam maintenance contract or have purchased Mastercam on or after October 31, 2011. Mastercam X6 installation packages will be shipping from CNC to customers that qualify. For specifics on what X6 has to offer, go to

If you have any questions about whether you qualify for this release, or would like to purchase Mastercam X6, please contact your Mastercam Reseller.

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