Mastercam X6 Preview #5 – Streamlined Chaining

Over the next several weeks we’ll be drawing back the curtain on the upcoming Mastercam X6 and previewing some of the new features in the release. Today the spotlight is on a quick way to define machining regions.
Region Chaining
“Chaining” – defining areas of a model that need to be machined by using linked geometry – is a common practice. Solid models inherently contain much of that needed data, and Mastercam X6’s region chaining delivers another way of using that built-in information. For example, you can now explicitly define the area for a 2D dynamic milling toolpath by simply selecting the face to be machined and face (including non-planer faces) to be avoided. Mastercam treats the selections (even on open pockets) as complete machining chains.

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