Mastercam X6 Preview #4: Stock Model-Based Rest Milling

Over the next several weeks we’ll be drawing back the curtain on the upcoming Mastercam X6 and previewing some of the new features in the release. Today the spotlight is on a new roughing toolpath.
3D “OptiRest” Rest Milling
In the first preview we talked briefly about the new stock model available in Mastercam X6. This week we’ll take a look at one of the toolpaths that directly benefits from that new feature.
“OptiRest” is our latest 3D high speed toolpath – it performs rest rough milling operations to remove stock left from roughing passes with larger cutters. This powerful new toolpath compares the in-process stock model to the intended shape to create an optimized dynamic milling cleanup pass. The result is precise, efficient motion that is easier on your tooling and your machine.

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