Mastercam X5 Sneak Preview 4: Machine Simulation

Machine simulation is a brand new capability added to Mastercam X5. Simple Backplot and Verify can’t give you the whole picture of a multiaxis milling toolpath because they do not show machine tool motion. Knowing your results before committing tool to material is crucial. Machine simulation delivers vital information about every aspect of the machine tool motion so you don’t have to use your valuable multiaxis machine tool as a verification system. Machine simulation lets you build your machine’s virtual replica on your computer screen. You can safely simulate the cutting process to make sure that you created the most effective cut, that the part is located in the machines ‘sweet spot’, and that no fixtures, tools, or any machine components are colliding unexpectedly. It is an additional tool to help you make clean, efficient, and accurate programs every time.

There are 17 of the most popular sample machines installed with X5 ready to simulate your multiaxis toolpaths. In addition all the multiaxis sample files are saved with a virtual machine, all you have to do is click on ‘Run Simulation’ to see each part machined on an appropriate machine. This is one of the safest and a very cost-effective ways to introduce newcomers to the multiaxis realm.

Machine simulation encourages innovation by demonstrating machine motion. One can test multiple machining approaches on different machines and pick the best process for the part, tooling, fixture and machine combinations.

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