Mastercam X5 Hits the Streets!

Mastercam X5 is officially released, delivering a suite of powerful tools specifically designed to help you make the most of your shop. Here’s just a sample of the things you’ll see in Mastercam X5:

Smart Hybrid Finishing
This new technique blends two shop-tested cutting techniques into a single toolpath. Mastercam evaluates the part and cutting challenges, applying the appropriate cutting technique to any given area.

Efficient OptiRough
Using specialized motion and full flute length, this new roughing technique slashes machining time and promotes longer tool life. (We covered this in a bit more detail in an earlier blog post ).
Streamlined Multiaxis
With new tools and a project-based interface, Mastercam X5 gives you a simpler, more streamlined way to do all your multiaxis cutting.

Machine Simulation
Watch and evaluate your part being cut on a simulation of your machine.

This is just a few of the powerful new tools in Mastercam X5. For more details, contact your Mastercam representative or browse our what’s new videos.

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