Mastercam X5 for SOLIDWORKS Video Tutorial Now Available

The Mastercam for SOLIDWORKS video tutorial has been updated for the X5 release. This video is a companion to the Mastercam X5 for SOLIDWORKS print tutorial.

The interactive video tutorial provides an overview of the Mastercam X5 for SOLIDWORKS product, guiding you through the following three toolpath groups:

  • 2D Toolpaths
  • 3D High Speed Toolpaths
  • Feature Based Machining (FBM) toolpaths

Due to the video tutorial’s interactive nature, you work hands-on with three actual parts as you set up your stock, create toolpaths, verify toolpaths, and post the results.

In the first tutorial section, you apply Facing and Area Mill toolpaths to the mold core part shown below:

As you work through this tutorial section, you learn the following tasks:

  • Selecting a machine
  • Defining a tool plane
  • Defining the stock
  • Creating the toolpaths
  • Backplotting and verifying the toolpaths
  • Posting the operations

The second tutorial section puts you to work on a phone cradle part:

Besides performing startup tasks such as defining a tool plane and stock model, this section introduces you to the following Mastercam X5 for SOLIDWORKS 3D High Speed toolpaths:

  • Core Roughing
  • Rest Roughing
  • Scallop
  • Waterline

Finally, the third part of the tutorial covers both FBM Mill and FBM Drill. Here you see how Feature Based Machining can generate toolpaths faster than ever before. In these lessons, you not only create FBM toolpaths, but also learn to refine them to get the exact results you need.

Please contact your local Mastercam reseller for more information on how to get these updated tutorials.

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