Mastercam X5 Design Offers Many New Enhancements

Whether your shop gets files from an outside source or designs them in house, modeling tools is an essential element in prepping a file for machining. Mastercam X5 Design delivers efficient new tools to the entire Mastercam product line.
Assigning Colors to Solid Faces

Mastercam X5 introduces the ability to assign different colors to individual solid faces or features. You can select the color you want on the color grid, followed by selecting what feature you wish to shade. Once you have assigned colors to solid faces and features, you can use those colors to make selection easier for surface toolpaths. In addition, Mastercam now highlights solid faces in the current selection color when selecting for machining.

Solid Patterns
Mastercam introduces Solid patterns with X5. You can create a pattern of solid features by selecting source geometry and producing multiple copies of it on a part in a grid (rectangular pattern) or around a center point (circular pattern). You can also click in the graphics window to place copies (manual pattern). This feature greatly streamlines the design process. You can create the desired amount of copies of the feature, and also remove any of the resulting instances from the circular pattern.

Solid and Surface Analysis Tools

Analyze draft angles and curvatures of a surface to identify undercuts and minimum radius with two new Analyze functions: Analyze Draft Angle and Analyze Curvature. These new functions shade areas of the model with user-specified colors and support both surfaces and solids. Draft angle analysis shading helps you identify problematic draft conditions with color coding on complex models. Draft shading provides flexible display options, allowing total display control of the different draft conditions, while still allowing you to change the target draft angle in real time. By toggling the surface buttons in the Analyze dialog box, you can select your own colors or turn certain faces off all together (Vertical, Horizontal, Negative). You also can change the “Positive angle less than” field.

Curvature Analysis is similar to Draft Angle Analysis in that it allows you to change the radius in real time and get instant feedback. Curvature Analysis shading identifies the curvature of the model relative to a user-defined radius. When that part is displaying color coding that indicates different types of curves, you can toggle with your radius and zoom into the red areas that show where material could be left behind when your toolpath uses a tool with a corner radius larger than the internal radii in your part geometry. X5’s new analysis shading makes it easier to quote new jobs more effectively and aids in making more accurate tooling decisions.

Specify Drill and Tap Table Values Quickly

You can specify diameters quickly and without consulting paper drill charts. Standard letter and number drill and tap sizes have been added to all Mastercam calculable fields.
Improved Bolt Circle Creation

Bolt circle has been enhanced to give you the ability to create bolt circles:
  • in a 2D plane or wrapped around a diameter.
  • about a full circle or along a total sweep angle.
  • preview and, if desired, flip the results.
  • remove individual circles.
  • create a center point.
This is just a small portion of the overall enhancements with the release of Mastercam X5. For more information on Mastercam X5 Design, please visit

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