Mastercam X2 MR2 Provides New Tools and Enhancements

Mastercam X2 Maintenance Release 2 delivers new functionality as well as many enhancements to existing X2 functions. Here are just a few of the functions you will find in the MR2 release:

“Peel Milling” toolpath – New to the release, peel milling’s interface uses the popular tree control-style familiar to HST users. The peel milling toolpath allows for efficient constant climb milling using a trochoidal style of motion with accelerated “back” feed moves when the tool is not engaged in material. The toolpath supports single chains, giving you the option to define the width of the cut.

Saw Toolpath – This new toolpath lets you create saw toolpaths more easily and with fewer operations than before.

Create Boundary function – Using boundaries, this function makes surface toolpath creation easier by restricting the tool to specific areas. The Create Boundary function allows you to calculate the boundary using shallow areas, theoretical rest areas, cutter contact areas, and enhanced silhouette boundary controls.

Swept Surfaces improvements – New techniques provide more sweep orientation control options and greater flexibility in the use of multiple along and cross curves.

Advanced Multiaxis toolpaths – Many powerful enhancements have been added, including new “by region” machining and expanded entry and exit macros.

Level Manager – The Level Manager can now be moved to a second monitor and left open. You can also hide all geometry except what is on the main level or display a range of levels in the Level Manager grid.

Operations Manager – You can now float the Operations Manager pane to a different area of the graphics window or to a separate screen when you are working with dual monitors.

The MR2 release also includes many other powerful enhancements. To watch some of the highlights in Mastercam X2 MR2 in action, please visit:

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