Mastercam X2 Hits the Streets!

Mastercam takes a leap forward with the release of Mastercam X2! Mastercam X2 delivers new and improved high speed toolpaths, advanced multiaxis machining, Change Recognition, Automatic Toolpathing, and much more.

Mastercam X2 delivers new high speed toolpaths which produce extremely fine finishes and extend tool life. There are more toolpath styles to choose from than ever before, each offering unique capabilities to machine a variety of conditions that might be encountered in a daily job. Two new toolpaths, Spiral and Radial, have been added to Mastercam X2. Mastercam X2 also brings advanced multiaxis toolpaths which offer complete control and provides you with the tools you need to program complex multiaxis parts. The interface is smart and customizes to the strategy that is selected. An advanced interface provides the user with more control, and gouge checking options offer many different strategies to avoid potential collisions.

Mastercam X2 features a suite of new options, including File Tracking and Change Recognition. File Tracking helps you manage your files by identifying files that have changed. Change Recognition identifies specific changes in your files. It can detect modifications to any type of CAD geometry, and can mark affected operations if their source geometry has changed in any way. Once you update the affected geometry, you can automatically update any additional toolpaths that use that geometry.

Other Mastercam X2 features include:
Automatic Toolpathing (ATP) imports designs from popular cabinet design packages and automatically applies your pre-defined machining strategies.

  • More selection tools to streamline everyday programming.
  • Surface Extend is capable of extending both trimmed and untrimmed edges of a surface. Trochoidal motion has been added to highspeed toolpaths to aid in the machining of harder materials.
  • Trochoidal motion maintains an acceptable tool load, allowing you to program feeds and speeds with confidence.
  • And much more.

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