Mastercam X Design LT Available

If you have ever wanted to do some Mastercam modeling at home but didn’t want to buy an additional license of Mastercam or carry your SIM back and forth between home and work, Mastercam Design LT is the perfect solution for you.

Design LT gives you access to the wireframe design and drafting functions of Mastercam X. You can save geometry, view your files, shade surfaces, all with this extremely affordable lite Design package.

Drawing in Design LT can be as free and dynamic as a pencil sketch, or as mathematically precise as you need it to be. The cursor and mouse are your drawing tools, and the Create functions are your primary drawing aids. Design LT provides many CAD functions to make your job easier, and its streamlined CAD engine makes design work easier and more efficient than ever before.

Logical Part Modeling – Each piece of geometry you create is “live,” letting you quickly modify it until it’s exactly what you want.

    • Easy 2D and 3D geometry creation
    • Pre-filleted shapes save time
    • Easily modeled letters, relief grooves, bounding boxes, doors, and stairs
  • Associative dimensions update as your model changes

Flexible Geometry Analysis Editing – A full suite of editing and analysis tools

    • Instantly analyze any entity for size, 2D area, location, entity type, and more
    • Change widths, styles, and colors globally or for one entity
    • Quickly modify parameters
  • Quickly translate, mirror, and scale

Easy Drafting

    • Single-pick dimensioning
    • Easily drag and place drafting notes as they are being created
    • Built-in data translators
  • Integrate seamlessly with other editing applications

Mastercam X Design LT has been re-mastered after the MR2 release. to include the shading functionality that was not available in the previous Design LT release.

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