Mastercam / Unigraphics Direct Translator

MC/Ug is a Mastercam Third Party Product and is a direct translator used to convert native Unigraphics data (Versions 13.0 to NX4) to Mastercam (V9.1 through X2).

MC/Ug is ideal for Mastercam users who have to work with Unigraphics data but do not have access to Unigraphics software. MC/Ug cuts the time to generate toolpaths from Unigraphics data by eliminating iterations between design and manufacturing due to lack of accurate and reliable data exchange.

The translator is a C-Hook integrated into Mastercam and provides seamless data exchange between the two systems. MC/Ug allows users to work directly with Unigraphics data with one-button translation.

For more information about the translator, please contact your local Mastercam Reseller.

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