Mastercam Training Materials by camInstructor

camInstructor, a recognized Mastercam Training Partner, has provided schools and industry with books, eBooks, and online courses to help students and employees learn Mastercam quickly and efficiently and with great success.

Here is why the camInstructor method works . . .

Certified Authors? – The developers of camInstructor training materials are certified teachers, with over 10 years’ experience, teaching CNC programming and Mastercam software. This ensures that their customers, whether students or employees, learn Mastercam quickly and efficiently without being overwhelmed.

Content? – The variety of content available includes Mastercam X through X5, and covers Mill 2D, Mill 3D, Lathe, Solids, 4-axis, 5-axis, Wire, and Art. All of the step-by-step instructions start at the beginning and proceed in simple-to-understand lessons that you can digest without becoming overwhelmed. Every lesson includes instructor-led videos that guide you step-by-step throughout the lesson. You can watch the videos for reinforcement; it’s like having an instructor available on-demand.

Variety of Options? – Whatever your learning style, camInstructor offers a delivery method that suits you and includes books, eBooks, or online courses.

Books and eBooks are an excellent option for students taking a Mastercam course at a high school, college, or training center. All of the books include a DVD that provides the instructor-led training videos and Mastercam’s Home Learning Edition software. The PC-friendly eBooks are identical to the printed version except that they are online and include videos and PDF files that can be printed and/or saved to your hard drive.

camInstructor online courses are perfect for employees and independent learners because they offer a number of features that the books/eBooks do not. The online courses guide you through the course content and provide a unique feature where you can e-mail a question at any time about any aspect of the course. You are never alone and have the peace of mind that comes with having access to a Mastercam Instructor.

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