Mastercam Tech Tip: Using Dynamic Chaining

Mastercam can help you eliminate wasted toolpath moves (“cutting air”) by allowing you to dynamically adjust the start and end points of chains.

During chaining, when you click to set the start and end points on the geometry, a green arrow and a red arrow display on the part, as shown in the following picture.

By dynamically adjusting one or both of these chain points, you can dramatically increase your cutting efficiency. Adjust these points using the Start, Dynamic, and End buttons on the Chaining dialog box. To view these buttons, click the Expand button in the upper left corner of the Chaining dialog box. To activate these buttons, click the approximate start point on your geometry to begin chaining.

Example: Using Dynamic Chaining in Mastercam Lathe
Here is a sample part after a roughing operation before you adjust the chain. Notice the wasted cutting movement on the approach.

By dynamically adjusting the chain to move the start point for the back turn operation, you can eliminate the “cutting air” portion of the toolpath.

Here is the operation after using dynamic chaining to adjust the start point.

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