Mastercam Signature Parts Series: Optical Mount

Our Signature Parts Series uses specially selected parts to demonstrate many of the capabilities of Mastercam to streamline and advance CAD/CAM for manufacturing. In several video segments, applications engineers (AEs) from the Mastercam Manufacturing Lab® present various new, popular, and important features in Mastercam.

In this article, the Signature Part we are using is a optical mount presented by AE Chad Chmura.

Chad introduces the optical mount in Mastercam for SOLIDWORKS here:

Explore OptiRough and Stock Model functionality with Chad here:

Swarf functionality in Mastercam 2020 is on display here:

In this video, Chad walks you through Region Chaining with 2D High Speed Toolpaths:

Topics in this video include Thread Milling, Override Arc Diameter, and selection view functionality:

Chad demonstrates Rest Roughing, Holder Checking, and Z Depths in this video:

Learn how to break sharp edges safely and effectively using Deburr:

Here is the machining video of the optical mount:

To learn how you can make better parts faster, contact a Mastercam Reseller near you!

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