Mastercam Signature Parts Series: Mold Core

Our Signature Parts Series uses specially selected parts to demonstrate many of the capabilities of Mastercam to streamline and advance CAD/CAM for manufacturing. In several video segments, applications engineers (AEs) from the Mastercam Manufacturing Lab® present various new, popular, and important features in Mastercam.

In this article, the Signature Part we are using is a mold core presented by AE Jesse Trinque.

Remachining Made Easy with Mastercam:

Learn how to setup and utilize in-process probing on your next part:

Dynamic Work Offsets – Make the Transition to Multiaxis

Media Display Functionality on Your Haas Next Gen Control

Proper Utilization of High Speed Modes on Your Haas CNC

Learn more about TCPC – Simultaneous 5-Axis Made Easy

Understanding Arc Filter Tolerances

Advanced Tool Geometries – Shorter Cycle Times with a Better Finish

Check out the mold core being machined in this video:

To learn how you can make better parts faster, contact a Mastercam Reseller near you!

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