Mastercam Signature Parts Series: Aerospace Latch

Our Signature Parts Series uses specially selected parts to demonstrate many of the capabilities of Mastercam to streamline and advance CAD/CAM for manufacturing. In several video segments, applications engineers (AEs) from the Mastercam Manufacturing Lab® present various new, popular, and important features in Mastercam.

In this article, the Signature Part we are using is an aerospace latch presented by AE Jesse Trinque.

Learn about chaining for toolpaths like Dynamic, pocket, and area mill. Mastercam 2020 has support for air regions with more than one open edge. Check it out:

In this video, Jesse showcases chaining enhancements for Mastercam 2020 using the aerospace cabin door latch assembly:

In this Tips & Tricks video, Jesse uses the aerospace latch to demonstrate how to create a stock model in Mastercam 2020:

Learn about hole making consolidation in Mastercam 2020 here:

Check out the advanced toolpath display feature of Mastercam 2020 in this video:

You’ll see 2D Contour and Machine Simulation using the aerospace latch here:

Peck Drilling in Backplot is on display here:

Here is video of the aerospace latch being machined:

To learn how you can make better parts faster, contact a Mastercam Reseller near you!

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