Mastercam Reseller Profile – Q&A with InterCAM-Deutschland (Part 1)

The 250,000th license of Mastercam was recently installed by German distributor InterCAM-Deutschland and Reseller Unicam Software GmbH. While thrilled to have been part of such a historic event, the reward comes as no surprise; InterCAM-Deutschland has been recognized as a leading distributor of Mastercam throughout Western Europe winning awards in recent years for its success.

Not only is it the only distributor for all of Germany (selling through an established Mastercam Reseller network), InterCAM-Deutschland also distributes to Mastercam Resellers in Austria, Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg. The company has made Mastercam available to customers in the mechanical engineering, automotive, tool and mold, and contract manufacturing industries ever since its founding in 1991. We spoke to Managing Director Andreas Stute to learn more about the company.

What Mastercam services do you offer customers?
As a distributor of Mastercam, we don’t have direct contact with the customers. We have sales partners who offer services like training and onsite visits. We offer call-in support to our sales partners. For example, we can give them information about licenses and installations, and we can also give them technical support when they need it. Our sales partners are Mastercam Resellers, visiting the customer, looking at the problems that the customer has, and trying to find a solution.

Join us next week as we continue our conversation with Andreas Stute.