Mastercam Reseller Profile – Q&A with Axsys Incorporated (Part 1)

When the Axsys, Inc., was formed in 1994, its Mastercam® sales were under $750K in its first year. Today, that number is $5 million. Over the years, the company has managed through economic uncertainty, adapting strategies for success. Headquartered in Wixom, Michigan, the 28-employee company serves the automotive, aircraft, and energy industries throughout the state.

As automotive-related businesses closed or left the state of Michigan, Axsys generated additional revenues by focusing on customer service and the energy and aircraft markets. We caught up with owner Steve Braykovich to learn how Axsys stayed the course during tough economic times in the Great Lakes State.

What Mastercam services do you offer customers?
We have our own training department and two dedicated rooms with 12 training stations, electronic weight boards, and a variety of “high-tech” communication tools. We host webinar demonstrations, web-based support, and call-in support. Our five applications engineers focus on on-site and off-site support as well as customer training.

If customers have a problem that cannot be effectively handled remotely, our engineers will go on-site. We also offer on-site support products with prepackaged services as well. When customers first buy software, they come here to receive training. When they get back, we offer additional on-site support to kickstart their operations.

What is the latest, most exciting customer application you have?
We were able to penetrate a very large opportunity with a customer whose main business has turned from automotive to aerospace and defense work, mainly large weldments, using another software in the CAD/CAM room. ProDrill (MoldPlus SA) was a closer in this deal, as they need to be able to machine holes by color to a complex standards chart, which includes a mixture of inch and metric dimensions.

The original order was for two network Mastercam Mill licenses with ProDrill and a post processor for a Dayton 5-axis mill for a shop-floor operation initiative. Shortly after, they added a Mastercam Wire EDM license to replace the previous solution. This was followed by the purchase of a Mastercam Multiaxis Lathe license that is used with a 5-Axis Breton mill with a VTL table mounted on the mill table. Most recently, they added an additional three Mill licenses and six CIMCO (CIMCO Integration) licenses for use on the floor.

We also have a customer in Northern Michigan, Van Dam Boats, that builds large, custom wooden (hull, deck, interior, etc.) boats of any size and style for speed or pleasure use. They build maybe six to eight boats a year and were previously outsourcing all the metal components of products. They eventually decided to venture into the world of metal manufacturing to produce these parts in-house.

Van Dam Boats purchased Mastercam Mill 3D and a Haas mill to accomplish this objective. This proved a challenge as they had no metal machining experience. We were able to help them as we could leverage our decades of machining experience to help the identify which parts were suitable for machining on their machine and how to fixture, tool, process, and program their parts in the most effective and efficient way. Their boats are beautiful and, of course, quite expensive, giving credence to their claim of building “The world’s finest wooden boats.”

Join us later this week as we continue our conversation with Steve Braykovich.