Mastercam Reseller Profile – Q&A with Axsys Incorporated (Part 3)

This is the third and final part of a Reseller Q&A with Axsys, Inc. To read the first installment of this conversation click here, and to read the second installment click here.

What are some unique issues that you can solve by being a local support hub for Mastercam?
Some of our competitors don’t have local capability so they really cannot offer timely quality support to their customers. Local support helps us sell. If a customer needs someone from one of our competitors to come out and address problems or issues related to a particular job, the competitive solution provider will typically have no resource available, long lead times, or will do so at significant expense to the customer.

Additionally, much of the training these providers offer is over the web. Effective training of CAM software and post processor development cannot be accomplished through a web-based training program. When things go bad, they can go really bad, and users must be able to get their software or post processor related issues solved quickly or have a support specialist available to come to their site to sort out their problems.

For example, if a customer has to deliver parts on Monday but can’t get the machines to run properly, they call us for help. In another example, maybe they lost an operator and have no one available to take over. We have the ability to send our highly-skilled engineers on-site to provide our customers the ability to fill the gap, so they can maintain their lead-times. The ability to do this helps us sell as it creates a significant, referenceable value proposition.

Of course, when we first pursue a Mastercam sales opportunity and present this value proposition, customers may not realize the full value of this type of service or that a competitor may not have this type of service. It is important to communicate this value, so our customers clearly understand how we are different from competitors and our commitment to helping them in achieving their quality, production, and profitably objectives.

Do you sell any other products besides Mastercam?
We sell products that complement Mastercam, including Verisurf® (Verisurf Software), 3D gages, inspection equipment as well as 3D printers. Also, we have a dental division that offers CAD/CAM software, machine tools, and consumable products.

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