Mastercam Quick Part Series: Acoustic Amplifier

The Mastercam Quick Part Series is a growing selection of project-based learning tutorials for classroom use. Each tutorial includes instructor and student guides, along with an introductory video.

The first project in the series is the Chocolate Mold. The Chocolate Mold is a milling project available free of charge to anyone interested in downloading it, and projects in the Quick Part Series will always be free to educators.

The second project in the series is the Acoustic Amplifier. This project is also available as a free download from Mastercam. You can request your free download for the Acoustic Amplifier project to get started with this router project today.

Acoustic Amplifier Overview:

Everyone has a smartphone these days. In this project, you will explore how to design and machine an acoustic amplifier that you can use to enjoy music from your smartphone. This project will instruct the user to use wireframe and solid CAD tools to create the geometry for the model.

Using a variety of rough and finish toolpaths, you will program the toolpath and learn how Mastercam’s dynamic toolpaths can reduce machine cutting time. You will also verify the model to ensure it can be cut successfully. Finally, you will post out your toolpaths to generate NC code and cut the part.

Goals of this project-based tutorial include helping users to:

  • Understand basic wireframe and solid model design tools and how they can be used to create a complex solid model.
  • Learn how to mirror geometry to create a symmetrical design.
  • Learn how to program a part for a router using standard and dynamic toolpaths.
  • Identify safe hold-down options for router work, such as tabs and woodscrews or a vacuum table.
  • Learn about verifying operations.

As part of Mastercam’s ongoing commitment to technical education, we will release other projects in the Quick Part Series in the future. Eventually, each will be available in inch and metric. The Acoustic Amplifier is in non-metric units.

To learn more about the Mastercam Quick Part Series, you should contact your local Mastercam Reseller.

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