Mastercam MU1 Hits the Streets!

Mastercam X7 MU1 is ready for download. If you’re on maintenance and are using the Auto-Update Service, you should be receiving a notification that the update is available. If you want to download it directly, you can do so here. ?

What’s in Mastercam X7 MU1?

New Multiaxis Swarf Tools
We’re rolling out a brand-new surface swarf toolpath that’s been rebuilt from the ground up. Driven directly from the surfaces, the new multiaxis swarf is powered by new algorithms that allow more efficient cutting and let you cut shapes that were previously difficult or not achievable.?

Expanded Mastercam Simulator
The enhanced backplotter offers a variety of added tools including tool position via toolpath click, quick verify, and more. Solid-model verification has been enhanced, and an all-new STL Export is now more efficient than ever.

Improved Tool Management
Enhanced tool assemblies are active across all milling toolpaths for backplotting, verification, and machine simulation.

And Much More!
Level-aware viewsheets, improved Port Expert toolpaths, plane improvement for Productivity+…. Mastercam X7 MU1 delivers a variety of enhancements. For a complete list, check out the “What’s New in MU1” PDF or contact your local Mastercam Reseller today.

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