Mastercam Manufacturing Lab Receives Haas UMC-750SS

The Mastercam Manufacturing Lab is where the world’s leading CAM software is rigorously shop tested. It is an essential testing ground for immediate and hands-on feedback. We run toolpaths and prove out new techniques in the same conditions our customers work every day.

We partner with leaders in manufacturing to test their technology, too. We cycle through new equipment so we can replicate a variety of shop conditions and capabilities. Recently, Mastercam took delivery of a new Haas UMC-750SS, a super-speed 5-axis CNC vertical mill with 30″ x 20″ x 20″ travels.

Our applications engineers work to make sure that Mastercam delivers the best in programming and powerful support of every element in your shop. They test the limits of equipment and toolpaths as they develop and test new techniques, strategies, and solutions to maximize the safety and efficiency of our software in action.

We may break a few tools as we test the limits of innovation, but it is part of our commitment to the future of manufacturing. Our relentless testing and pushing of limits keeps Mastercam users on the cutting edge of machining capabilities.

If you would like to learn more about Mastercam solutions for CNC Vertical Mills or schedule a personal demonstration, please contact a Mastercam Reseller in your local area.