Mastercam Maintains Compatibility with Older CPUs

On some older computers, Mastercam X4 will not open after being installed. The problem is that some computers use an older chipset (AMD or Intel®) that doesn’t support an instruction set called SSE2 that is now required by the Parasolid® kernel. That kernel is used in many areas of Mastercam, such as graphics processing.
We have developed an interim fix for this issue. It will be available in Mastercam X4 Design LT and Mastercam X4 Demo/Home Learning Edition, when those products are released, and will be included in Mastercam X4 MU1. During the installation process, Mastercam will check for CPUs that use the older chipset. If it finds one, Mastercam will do two things:
  • Display a warning message to let you know that this is the case.
  • Install a different version of the required DLL that will allow the Parasolid kernel—and Mastercam—to run.
Once the alternate DLL is installed, there should be no functional difference visible inside Mastercam. The ReadMe files for each of the affected products will also contain information about this issue.
IMPORTANT: Support for the older chipset will be phased out and future versions of Mastercam will require that the SSE2 instruction set be supported.

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