Mastercam Helps Mark the Way for Eagle Scout

When Daniel Hoddinott decided to build a kiosk for the town trails committee in Columbia, CT as his Eagle Scout service project, he realized that one of the missing components was signs for the kiosk. The signs needed to be large, clear, and stand up to any kind of weather. Luckily, his parents had purchased a wooden sign from K&K Custom in Columbia during a recent outdoor festival. This local business is owned by Karen and Keith Butzgy and Keith works in the Sales Department at CNC Software, Inc. When Daniel emailed them about what he needed for his Eagle Scout project, they were happy to donate their time and expertise.

After some communication about dimensions, Keith drew up some ideas in Mastercam X5 Router and emailed concept drawings to Daniel. They decided on a dark red background with natural wood lettering.

The results were just what Daniel was hoping for – clear text with a simple, rustic feel to match the rest of the kiosk. Using Mastercam Verify, Keith was able to provide an accurate picture of the final result before heading to the machine.

Daniel purchased the necessary 1.5-inch red cedar and paint, and Keith machined the projects on his ShopBot PRT 96 using an Amana 90 Degree Chamfer Bit and an Amana ¾ inch straight bit with inserts.

The results were excellent and really enhanced the kiosk. Daniel has now completed his Eagle Scout requirements, thanks in part to K&K Custom and Mastercam!

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