Mastercam/Haas CNC Milling Teacher Training Available

Valuable teacher training will be held at the DeAnza College HTEC in Cupertino, California this summer. Mike Appio will be teaching Mastercam/Haas CNC Milling: 2D Programming, Setup and Machining. The class is four days long and will be offered three times this summer:

The list price for this course is $1,800, but Educators are encouraged to attend one of these sessions at a subsidized rate of $450. Mastercam will contribute $675, and the Gene Haas Foundation will contribute $675 to offset the cost for teachers to attend this HTEC Teacher Training at DeAnza College.

Here is a description of the course, provided by instructor Mike Appio:

The 2D Programming, Setup and Machining course is designed to help individuals advance from the level of manually programming, setting up and machining Haas CNC machining centers, to producing more complex toolpaths and machining more advanced parts. The students will be instructed in the use of Mastercam to program the parts, and how to setup a Haas CNC machining center to machine multiple parts during the four days of class, with each part becoming increasingly more complex in design.

The Mastercam programming portion of the training will include creating multiple levels, constructing and modifying 2D geometry, generating solid models and 3D wireframe geometry, creating multiple construction planes and work coordinate systems (WCS), use of the operations manager, machine definitions, stock setup, tool management, speeds and feeds, back plotting and verification, and post-processing G-code programs.

Mastercam 2D toolpaths taught and used will include facing operations, rough and finish contour milling, chamfering, dynamic roughing operations, pocket and area milling, slots and drilling / tapping operations.

Setups will include using indicators to align work holding, as well as Haas controller probe routines to establish work offsets, and the Optical Tool Setter (OTS) to set tool offsets. Cutter diameter compensation and adjusting of controller will be covered both in the software and at the machine.

Course includes 4 eight-hour days of on-site hands-on training using the following equipment:

  • Mastercam 2020 Software (workstations provided in class)
  • Haas VF2SS, DMT1, VF0 and Mini-Mill CNC Machining Center, Renishaw Probes

Cost: $450 (after scholarships applied*)

*For teachers, a $675 Gene Haas Foundation scholarship and $675 Mastercam scholarship will be provided while they last.

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