Mastercam® for SOLIDWORKS® X6 is Released

Mastercam® for SOLIDWORKS® includes many of the features that are available with the Mill product, such as Blade Expert, Stock Model, 2D Region Chaining, and much more.

It also includes new enhancements to the Mastercam for SOLIDWORKS product itself. Below you will find a sampling of the new features in Mastercam X6 for SOLIDWORKS.

Multiaxis add-on
Mastercam X6 for SOLIDWORKS features the full set of multiaxis toolpaths previously available only in the standalone version of Mastercam. Use multiaxis toolpaths when your machine has 4 or 5 programmable axes. Multiaxis toolpath generation is a unified process. Select Multi-Axis Toolpaths from the Mastercam X6 menu or CommandManager to launch a single interface for all multiaxis toolpaths. Note: Multiaxis is a Mastercam add-on that must be purchased separately. ??

Port Expert add-on
The Mastercam Port Expert add-on creates accurate, efficient engine cylinder head porting toolpaths on port surface or solid data. It minimizes unnecessary motion at the machine, which results in a highly efficient toolpath with superior finish quality. It can also be used for any tube type work that is similar in design to a port. Port Expert uses a tapered lollipop tool, and has collision checks for the entire tool (shank, arbor, and holder). Note: Port Expert is a Mastercam add-on that must be purchased separately. ??

Toolpath Menu Reorganization
By restructuring the toolpath menu, you now have easier, faster access to all of the 2D and 3D High Speed Toolpaths.

New Backplot Options

Backplot now includes tools to help you focus on specific areas of your tool motion and save your backplot results for later inspection. The Restrict drawing button removes all currently plotted toolpaths from the screen. The remaining toolpaths then become the only ones Mastercam will display. The Turn off restricted drawing button resets the backplot to include all toolpaths in the selected operations. The Save as Geometry button saves the visible toolpath motion as geometry to a specific level and using specified entity attributes.

Improved Axis Display
Mastercam X6 for SOLIDWORKS includes new display options for easier part visualization. The Draw World and Mastercam Axes option on the Mastercam X6 for SOLIDWORKS page of the System Configuration dialog box specifies whether Mastercam for SOLIDWORKS displays X, Y, and Z axes in the graphics area.

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