Mastercam Enables Workers at PHC Northwest

PHC Northwest is an organization in Portland, Oregon, that proves every day that disabled and non-disabled individuals can work side-by-side in a manufacturing environment that allows each worker to become a productive contributor to the company’s bottom line. Employing 750 people in a 115,000 square foot industrial facility, PHC has earned international recognition for the design and manufacture of unique LED lighting systems. Its award-winning lighting systems are found in offices, government buildings and municipal facilities.

Fourteen people are admitted to PHC’s training program each year. All trainees are paid and cross-trained to build skill sets that would serve them well in many manufacturing industries. Each trainee must come up with their own idea for a lighting product that is then evaluated by the faculty. If approved, they complete their design package in SOLIDWORKS and do the tool path programming in Mastercam. Massoud Mollaghaffari, PHC’s general manager, says that Mastercam software is the software of choice at PHC because it is easy to teach and easy to learn.

Mastercam provides the trainees with a variety of techniques to produce all their parts exactly as they need them for their projects. The trainees use Mastercam tutorials because they are self-paced to meet the needs of their individual disabilities. According to Mr. Mollaghaffari, Mastercam gives the trainees the confidence to run even the most complex tool paths and has become a mainstay of PHC’s automated machining program.

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