Mastercam Eases Back Pains

For millions of people with back pain, any type of relief no matter how great or small is greatly appreciated. In fact, for some people, the constant pain can take away all hope of ever enjoying life.

Today, through innovative design, advanced manufacturing techniques, and sophisticated software, there is hope for these people with chronic back pain. Intrinsic Therapeutics was started in 2000 with the mission of offering surgeons and patients better options for treating soft tissue injuries of the spine.

Innovative procedures from Intrinsic Therapeutics (Woburn, MA) seek to repair the injured tissues, thereby restoring function and reducing pain. Intrinsic Therapeutics is a start-up company with 30 employees doing research and development on implants for herniated discs.

To make this implant, the tooling for it, and the tools for the surgeons to do the implanting, the company does all different types of machining, metal cutting, and EDM work. They have a CNC lathe, a CNC vertical machining center, and a wire EDM. For programming their CNC equipment, they use Mastercam CAD/CAM software level three for milling. Daniel Powers, shop foreman, says “I was a beta tester for Wire version eight and I was also a beta tester for the newest Mastercam X platform.”

Powers says, “One of our implanting devices is shaped like a pod that’s roughly six inches long. Without a software program for toolpaths, these parts would be very difficult to do,” remarks Powers. “Mastercam is the easiest. I’m the one that buys the software, and I bought Mastercam. The most complicated part of machining the pod part is the surface machining, and Mastercam has many, many surface machine toolpaths that take care of our needs.”

Powers remarks that Mastercam also has features for better and more productive EDM work. They also use the Backplot feature in Mastercam to check toolpaths and it is an important feature for Powers. He remarks, “I use Backplot all the time. You can also verify with a solid. You can put a solid box around your part pod and make sure the Z heights in the parameters are set at least as high as your part pod, and it will show a solid rendition of your cut. Then you can delete chips and your part that you just wired out will be there as a solid. You can see it and manipulate it around the screen.”

Toolpath control is a very important part of producing these unique implants, their tooling, fixtures, and surgeon tools. Powers mentions that without CNC machine tools and the software to run them, products like theirs that can relieve suffering just couldn’t be made.

To read more about how Mastercam helps Intrinsic Therapeutics ease back pain, click ‘here.’

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