Mastercam at WESTEC 2019

We had a wonderful time last week at WESTEC 2019. Mastercam enjoyed a great booth position, right by the entrance, to greet thousands of attendees at the Long Beach Convention & Entertainment Center. The switch to Long Beach from Los Angeles for this event proved to be a good one. It was bustling from start to finish.

On display in our booth was a DMG Mori NLX 2500 SY machine using Sandvik Coromant tooling to cut a tap handle programmed in Mastercam. Throughout the show, it was exciting to see folks make the connection between designing a part and programming it for machining using our CAD/CAM software and how Mastercam controlled the CNC machine to produce the part. Thanks to the DMG Mori team and our Partnerships team for coordinating such a wonderful demonstration.

Throughout the show, we were fortunate to have several Mastercam Resellers and corporate staff on hand talking to visitors in our booth and giving demonstrations. Resellers included MLC CAD Systems, Sierra Cad/Cam Inc., San Diego CAD/CAM, and CAD/CAM CONSULTING SERVICES INC.

Another attention-getter was a McLaren F1 scale car that was machined by CAMTECH using Mastercam on a Matsuura MX-520. Our team spent a good amount of time polishing the model, because folks couldn’t resist picking it up to admire the detail.

On Wednesday, applications engineer Chad Chmura’s Brew & View session, Accelerated Finishing—Using Advancements in CAM, Cutting Tools, and Machinery to Reduce Cycle Time, was extremely well attended. Several people in that crowd later stopped by the Mastercam booth to share excellent feedback on Chad’s presentation and learn more about new tools and strategies for reduced cycle times and improved finish.

Another highlight was WESTEC’s Welcome to Long Beach Poolside Party. Mastercam was a co-sponsor of this networking reception, and we were pleased to see a standing-room-only turnout.

We closed the event with a brief gathering to honor the memory of our dearly departed Reseller, Tom Shelar of CAD/CAM CONSULTING SERVICES INC. His team shared many memories of Tom, and it was an emotional way to wrap up another WESTEC.

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