Mastercam Around the World

To celebrate the fact that Mastercam is the #1 CAD/CAM software in the world, we’re introducing a new feature that teaches you key Mastercam terms in different languages. This way, you can communicate with your fellow Mastercam users around the world—because no matter where in the world you find yourself, chances are there are lots of Mastercam users close by. Each month we’ll do a different language. This month: Chinese!

toolpath ???? daojù lùjìng
surface toolpath ?????? biaomiàn daojù lùjìng
multiaxis toolpath ?????? duo zhóu daojù lùjìng
drilling ?? zuan kong
solid model ???? shíti móxíng
milling machine ?? xi chuáng
CAD/CAM software CAD/CAM ?? CAD/ CAM ruanjiàn
lathe ?? che chuáng
spline ?? yàng tiáo
fillet ?? yuán jiao
Mastercam rocks! Mastercam ??! Mastercam zhen bàng!
So long!

See you next month!

Zài huì!
Xià gè yuè zàijiàn!

The following Mastercam resellers serve the Chinese market:

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