Mastercam and Verisurf Team Up To Make Inspection and Reverse Engineering Fast and Easy

Verisurf has been a Mastercam Partner for over 15 years and the tight integration of the two software’s extends Mastercam design and manufacturing functionality into inspection, GD&T, quality control and reverse engineering. Any Mastercam user can implement Verisurf inspection and reverse engineering into their manufacturing environment due to the familiar and easy to use interface.

Mastercam Design & Model Based Definition

Verisurf is built on top of Mastercam Design’s Graphical User Interface (GUI) and efficient CAD engine as a foundation to Verisurf’s Model Based Definition (MBD). Verisurf MBD extends Mastercam by adding model associative Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T) which is used to create and communicate manufacturing dimensions and tolerances through the inspection process. The central concept embodied in MBD is that the 3D model has all of the dimensions and tolerances embedded and associated with the 3D CAD model eliminating the need for 2D drawings and any ambiguity, conflict and doubt that arise when drawings and models co-exist.

Compatible With Any CMM
An important aspect to performing rapid shop floor inspection is the ability to connect to any Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM), gather measurement data and report the findings in standard quality assurance formats. The Verisurf Device Interface (VDI) connects Verisurf to any CMM including many brands and models of stationary, portable arms, laser trackers, scanners and optical CMM’s.

Simple Align-Inspect-Report Process

Once connected to a CMM users follow a simple Align-Inspect-Report Process.

  1. Align – Following graphically displayed targets the user is guided through the alignment of the 3D model to the part being inspection.
  2. Inspect – Referencing MBD dimensions and tolerances the user takes measurements to fulfill inspection requirements. User is provided with visual and audible feedback on measurements taken.
  3. Report – Select from a variety of standard QA reports or create and customize your own report templates to meet your customer’s requirements.

Reverse Engineering
Verisurf Reverse is used for creating 3D models for products that were designed and manufactured before 3D CAD became popular or when 3D models are not available. In these cases Verisurf Reverse helps create 3D models from scanned or digitized points or point clouds using unique functions such as stl meshing, automatic NURB surfacing, cross section slicing, and mesh feature recognition.

Verisurf distributes software through authorized Mastercam resellers worldwide and encourages all Mastercam users to contact their Mastercam reseller to experience improved manufacturing productivity with proven time and cost savings benefits of Verisurf Model Based Inspection and Reverse Engineering.

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