Mastercam and Edge Factor give you the tools to #ROCKMFGDay

Just what is Manufacturing Day? Manufacturing Day, held on October 2, 2015 across North America, is an annual event that encourages hundreds of manufacturers in North America to host students, teachers, parents, job seekers, and other local community members at open houses designed to showcase modern manufacturing technology and careers.

Did you know? A recent study shows that 600,000 manufacturing jobs are currently unfilled in the United States due to a gap between the job requirements and the skills of those who are applying for them. This is a trend that must be reversed and which Manufacturing Day seeks to address by giving more people an opportunity to discover what modern manufacturing environments are really like.

The future of our industry is at stake, and we’re joining this grassroots approach, along with Edge Factor, to produce a turnkey kit to help you seamlessly host an event. The #RockMFGDay Kit contains:
  • Promotional Materials
  • Call to Action Video
  • Free Host Prize Pack Giveaway
  • Looping Videos
  • Main Stage Presentation
  • Customizable Slide Show Presentation
  • Rock MFG Day Film Production
  • Interactive Resources
  • Interactive Perception Poll
  • Interactive Career Activity
  • Pepper Me Activity
  • Drum Pedal (3D and machining printing project)
  • Shaker (3D printing project)
  • Platform Pedal (CNC machining project)
  • Post Event Resources
  • Post Event Poll
  • Parent Resources

To sign up for an event, you’ll need to register at the MFGDay website, and then to receive the kit, register at the eduFACTOR website. But what next? How do you utilize the kit? Well, we’ve got a video for that.

Also, another incentive to sign up, in early September, we’ll select 250 or the eduFACTOR registrants to receive a prize pack giveaway for their event (contents TBD in the next few weeks.)

Additionally, with all of the events going on, attendees are needed! Here’s a short call to action video that shows what you can expect from the #RockMFGDay kit.

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