Many New Enhancements for Mastercam Design

Whether your shop gets files from an outside source or designs them in-house, modeling tools are an essential element in prepping a file for machining. Mastercam X4 Design delivers efficient new tools to the entire Mastercam product line.

Dynamic Planes
Dynamic planes are a new method of defining planes, Cplanes, Tplanes, and a Work Coordinate System (WCS) in Mastercam. You can now define the desired plane using an interactive graphical gnomon to establish the plane’s origin and orientation.

Xform Dynamic

Imagine being able to translate and rotate geometry in a single, easy-to-use function, where the control is right on the screen along with your geometry. That is what the new Xform Dynamic and Dynamic Planes functions offer!

Wireframe Feature Recognition in Chaining
It is common to encounter a wireframe part that has so many similar chains mixed in with other geometry that it isn’t possible to use the Window chaining method. Chaining can become a tedious error-prone and time-consuming manual process. With Wireframe Feature Recognition, you only need to chain an example of the geometry that you want to use, and then click a button. Mastercam automatically finds and chains all other occurrences of the geometry.

Trimming Visual Cues
To help you predict the result when working with the Trim, Extend, and Break function, Mastercam X4 provides visual cues so you can see what will happen before selecting the transformed entity.

Viewsheet Improvements
With Mastercam X4, you can save every option on the status bar (except for Groups) as part of a Viewsheet. Use the Settings option to specify exactly which of the status bar functions to save in the Viewsheet and which ones to ignore.

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