Manage Tool Libraries

Another way to machine faster is to invest in tools that have been designed to take advantage of high-speed toolpaths. Some of the new coated tools are much longer lasting because they allow better heat transfer and have superior lubricity. Manifold improvements in cutter life and productivity have been seen with these tools, particularly when used in combination with Mastercam toolpaths optimized for the specific cutters.

Powerful tool libraries within Mastercam allow programmers to develop a history of tools, usage, and their cost relative to machine productivity. This ongoing data collection grows deeper over time and becomes a competitive advantage for the shop using it. The latest versions of Mastercam takes direct aim at optimizing this aspect of machining performance by significantly improving the Tool Library feature and making it stand-alone so that it can be used independently by toolroom managers and others concerned with optimal tool utilization and reducing tool cost.

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