Lights Out! And Machines On.

Running lights out allows you to amortize the cost of sophisticated equipment over many more spindle hours per day. By using material-aware toolpaths and even incorporating in-process inspection with spindle probes and automated offset corrections, shops can achieve unattended machining success rates approaching 100%.

There are even small “garage shops” that are nearly doubling their productivity by running CNC equipment at high speeds on a lights out basis. This allows them to compete with shops that have more manpower. Considering the cost and durability of today’s advanced CNC equipment, it only makes sense to use them as often as possible. This, of course, makes it essential to have programs that you can run unattended with complete confidence. This confidence factor is addressed by the exceptional reliability of Mastercam’s Dynamic Motion Technology and reliance on one or more of its simulation capabilities to detect potential material removal problems or interferences before the program arrives on the shop floor.

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