Lighter-duty machines, heavy-duty productivity.

Welcome to Be Dynamic, Mastercam’s ongoing series exploring our Dynamic Motion toolpaths. You’ll get tips on better use, background on why the toolpaths work the way they do, and insights into new ways to apply them.

Today we’re going to take a look at something almost every shop has: the lighter-duty machine. It might be older, smaller, or just have a different purpose than some of your more expensive machining centers.

Fortunately, Mastercam can help you get more out of these machines. Dynamic Motion creates toolpaths with a smaller step-over but a much deeper step-down. This means:

  • Less deflection and risk of tool breakage.
  • Lower spindle load for reduced wear on the machine.
  • Lower horsepower requirements.

It’s that last one that can really make lighter-duty machines see a boost in productivity. By lowering the horsepower needed to produce fast, efficient machining, Mastercam’s Dynamic Motion toolpaths you can still delivers safe material removal rate increases on those machines.

Give it a try.

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