Letter from the President

Dear Mastercam Community,

I would like to take this opportunity to give you an update on some of the major milestones and new endeavors CNC Software has accomplished this past year. As you know, we are all facing a rather tumultuous economy and uncertain financial times. Despite the ever present bear market, our 25th year of business came to a close as our strongest year yet, thanks to you. Our Mastercam X3 release enjoyed a positive response and delivered features such as new 2D high speed toolpaths, Feature Based Machining, and more surface machining and five-axis improvements. Upcoming X4 improvements and enhancements include additional toolpath and CAD features and a new product called Mastercam® for SOLIDWORKS®, a collaboration that should satisfy a certain segment of our CAM market.

Our green business improvements include a new shop and training room, completed in 2008, that uses geothermal heating and cooling like the rest of the building. A total of 48 wells extract enough heat from the ground to keep the building warm on the coldest New England day. Since the only energy source the building uses is electricity, we took an additional step toward energy independence and installed a 73kW ground-mounted solar array last August. The panels generate enough energy to meet a third of our electrical, heating, and cooling demands. To date, we have produced over 36,000 kWh of energy. Put into terms we can relate to, this is about the amount of energy it would take to power 750 homes for a day.

Our focus has not changed since 1983 when we released our first CAM product on an Apple 2E … “Understand the needs of our users and meet their needs.” Because your needs have changed dramatically in the last 25 years, so has the Mastercam product. We plan to continue meeting your needs with a high level of awareness and support of green business practices.

Thank you for remaining Mastercam users and keeping us all employed. Your support and longevity as customers are much appreciated.

Sincere thanks,
Mark Summers
CNC Software, Inc.

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