Leaner, Greener Mastercam X6 Documentation

With the release of Mastercam X6, you may notice some changes to the documentation. In our ongoing commitment to energy conservation and environmental awareness, we streamlined the documentation. In addition, based on customer feedback, we enhanced our deliverables to provide an interactive interface and more video.

Installed X6 Documentation
While we continue to deliver robust Mastercam Help for all Mastercam X6 features and functions, we install fewer documents. The Mastercam X6 release version will include only the following documents:

These documents are installed in the …Documentation folder. This change removes over 250MB from the Mastercam X6 installation, greatly simplifying file maintenance, and optimizing your download and installation processes!
Retired Documentation
Due to redundancy or limited audience, we’ve “retired” the following documents as of Mastercam X6:
  • Reference Guide (redundant to Help)
  • Quick Start Guide (redundant to the Getting Started Series of tutorials and tutorial videos, and to the Mastercam U Intro to Mastercam course)
  • Wire Getting Started Guide (redundant to Help, limited audience)
  • V92XFunctions (sunsetted, limited audience)
The retired documents are still available from your local Mastercam Reseller in their X5 format. However, we will not update them with future Mastercam releases.
What’s New DVD
Perhaps the most significant change is to the design and delivery of the Mastercam X6 What’s New information. We’ve transformed this information from a static printed document to an interactive HTML application that will ship on a separate DVD with the Mastercam X6 packaging. It is also available as a self-installing EXE download from https://www.mastercam.com.
This change removes the What’s New dialog box from the Mastercam interface and eliminates the printed document from the packaging. When choosing Help > What’s New from the Mastercam X6 menu, the following dialog displays:
The What’s New in Mastercam X6 DVD offers a menu-driven interface and a rich graphical design. The explanatory videos invite Mastercam users to explore new features in a contemporary and engaging manner. An option to print a digest from the What’s New in Mastercam X6 application is also available.

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