Keeping Up with The University of Akron’s Zips Racing

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Recently, we received an update from the University of Akron’s Zips Racing Formula SAE team about their latest season of competition. John Milbrandt, the team manufacturing lead, provided the details.

Mastercam is very intuitive for new programmers to learn to use. It makes the transition from CAD to CAM seamless. Also, it works really well with our Haas machines. We did not design parts using Mastercam. However, it is our only CAM software we use to program our Haas Mills and Lathes in the university’s machine shop. Zips Racing had 25 students participating in the 2019 season.

You can see a photo of ZR19 Front Uprights machined using Mastercam and images from the program:

We competed in Formula SAE Michigan, Formula Student East in Hungary, and Formula Student Austria in 2019. Here are the outcomes:

Formula SAE Michigan

  • 8th Overall
  • 4th in Endurance
  • 7th in Autocross
  • 7th in Design (Design Finals)

Formula Student East

  • 2nd Overall
  • 2nd in Endurance
  • 3rd in Efficiency
  • 7th in Autocross

Formula Student Austria

  • 11th Overall
  • 7th in Autocross
  • 6th in Skid Pad
  • 8th in Design

You can follow our team on our website, on Instagram @zipsracing, and on the Zips Racing Facebook page.

Thanks for the update, John! SAE International™ events are a great way for students to develop real-world strategies and skills for success.

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