It’s Summer Teacher Training Time!

Mastercam Summer Teacher Training is in full swing at our educational office in Gig Harbor, Washington.

Each summer, we run a series of instructor-specific courses in order to not only teach the instructors Mastercam, but to prepare them to teach it to their students. Classes such as Mastercam Fundamentals, Basic Projects, Intermediate Projects, and Mastercam Art run every year. Classes such as Lathe and Multiaxis run every few years. Many of the classes divide their time between the classroom and the shop.

We run these classes for a number of reasons. Most importantly, we run them to provide the training that is critical in order for the school programs to reach their maximum potential. However, we also enjoy getting to know Mastercam instructors from across the nation, learning about their particular programs, celebrating the great things they are doing, and working on ways to help them where they are encountering problems.

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