Is Your Child the Next Innovator of the Future?

Do you have a child, relative, or young family friend who you think might have an interest in machining? Would you like to entice them with a real-world manufacturing challenge, a celebrity judge, and a chance to win a cool trip and $1,000? If so, the 2012-2013 Innovator of the Future (IOF) competition might be what you’re looking for.

Previously, the IOF competition had been open to students using Mastercam in the classroom setting. This year, the IOF competition is open to any school-aged individual, challenging them to design and machine their choice of three parts. They have the option of designing and machining a Connecting Rod, Racing Wheel, or Short Shifter.

The part will be judged by a team of experts at VAC Motorsports. VAC Motorsports is the world’s ultimate source for serious BMW performance and racing parts. The judging will be based on accuracy, cleanliness of the part, and most importantly, creativity!

Enter the 2012-2013 IOF competition and have a chance to win $1,000, a free seat of Mastercam Mill Level 1, and a trip to PA to visit VAC Motorsports and participate in one of their race days.

We are hoping to receive more parts than ever this year, and all entries must be received before May 15, 2013. Get cutting, and good luck!

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