Introducing the New Users Forum

The new, updated users forum has recently been launched. It is a community-centric site that thrives on participation and expansion. It’s a great place to share ask questions and share tips on making the most of your Mastercam software.

Here’s a quick overview of some of the new features of the forum:

The new homepage features an article section that continuously pulls content from the forums, the new wiki, blogs and twitter.

The forums have been updated and expanded Some of the highlights are:

  • Your own personal “Watched Content” for both topics and entire forums
  • Topic ratings
  • Members can also earn reputation points for posting quality content
  • Contextual search
  • Uploading and viewing of attachments
  • Private conversations
  • User Profiles
  • Multiple skin support including mobile
  • Ability to both friend & ignore users
  • Simple sign-in with Facebook or Twitter accounts
  • Active spam monitoring

A space where users can answer, compile, and easily reference in-depth Mastercam notes, tips and answers.

Wouldn’t it be neat to see people’s various perspectives on Mastercam related events through their photographs? To kick off this new section there’s an album for IMTS 2010. Those of you that were there with your cameras, feel free to upload some pictures.

The official community calendar serves two primary purposes: one, to give you the hope of finally organizing your life through the use of private (for your eyes only) scheduling abilities and two, to make the community at large aware of upcoming events with public postings.

Please note: The eMastercam forum is run by an independent entity, not CNC Software, Inc. The opinions expressed are those of individual posters and the site owners, not CNC Software.

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